Lintel roller-shutters

Lintel roller-shutters are the oldest known roller system and are designed especially for newly built houses. A characteristic feature of this system is the case made from reinforced polystyrene or polyurethane foam embedded in the wall during the construction process. As the box is not a load bearing element the lintel must be directly above it. The service cover (flap giving access into the box) can be visible internally (the most common option) or in modern systems, which are increasingly used more and more, the service cover can be placed on the outside. Depending on the type, the service cover can be made from PVC (easy access to the interior of the roller) or polyurethane foam, which can be plastered and made ready for painting or wallpapering. The shutters’ armour is always visible from the outside; the crowned part, with characteristic grooves extending over the entire width, facing forward. A further characteristical element of this variation is the concealed opening mechanism uses wind back 22mm tape mounted into the wall around 100-150mm from the edge of the bay.

Components of the lintel box

1. Side casing of the box made from special chipboard
2. Metal anchor fastener attaching the side and bearing socket to the wall
3. Anchor bolts
4. PVC services cover
5. Side adaptors for service cover
6. Steel reinforcement rods
7. External flush mounting strips
8. Internal flush mounting strips
9. External face covering such as suprema
10. Polystyrene box

  • One-piece traverse lip
    120 230
    One-piece traverse lip for attaching the service cover with an option for steel reinforcement rods

  • Two-piece traverse lip
    190 274 + 144 233
    Two-piece traverse lip for attaching service cover

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