Roller-shutters - general information

Modern building design is in an era of openplan houses with large glass panels that allow you to create the illusion of a penetrating green garden space into the internal living space. The solution requires the use of advanced protective systems technology. Roller-shutters are a practical and versatile type of window guard that meets this requirement. They are designed to be fitted into both new and existing buildings.

Main functions of roller-shutters:

  • Protection against low temperature - in cold climate conditions after a prolong internal heating period, an airpocket forms between the glass and the lowered roller-shutter, which increases protection against heat losses and significantly contributes to reduced heating cost. Savings can be as high as 40%.
  • Protection against high temperatures - during summer months, well lit, sunny rooms with large glazing quickly become overheated, with a consequent increase in expenses related to their cooling. Use of roller-shutters allows you to maintain a stable microclimate and optimal thermal comfort, reducing the room temperature by up to 10ºC and thus reducing the operating costs of the building. 
  • Protection against noise - for the townhouse and especially houses located on or near busy streets, train stations or airports, noise protection is of primary importance. A properly installed lowered roller-shutter can reduce the level of sound reaching the interior by as much as 6-14 dB.
  • Protection from the destructive forces of atmospheric conditions - the most obvious function of roller-shutters is to protect windows against the weather. Strong rain, hail-stones, snow, gusting wind and burning rays of sunlight, have a negative impact over time on the structure of the window. Roller -shutters will protect against all of this as well as temperatures changes and excessive heat build-up under direct sunlight; they will extend the "life" of your windows.
  • Regulation of the light intensity. Roller-shutters enable adjustment of the light let into the room; from total darkness through slightly spaced (thanks to perforated strips) to a fully unveiled window.
  • Protection from UV light. Roller-shutters eliminate the UV radiation emitted by the sun completely, which is harmful not only to people but also to home fixtures and fittings (UV is responsible for the fading of upholstery, wallpapers and even wall paint)
  • Ventilation of the room - roller-shutters with perforated strips (which contain air vents) allow ventilation of the rooms; and by lowering and raising the blinds, you can control the amount of air entering the premises. At the same time they protect against any sudden gusts of wind or drafts.
  • Protection against snooping - The roller-shutter when in the half or fully closed positions guarantees privacy, intimacy and isolation from the outside world
  • Protection against burglary and vandalism - roller-shutters in standard version (class ER1 or ER2) guarantee a high resistance to impact and are sufficient protection against vandalism; any attempt of force-opening causes noise, which is often effective enough to deter the intruders. Roller-shutters with increased anti-burglary resistance are bulkier than the standard shutter, they have a extra safeguards, are of a heavier construction, require the use of electric drives and can be install only by an authorized person; they are also four time more expensive than the standard model.