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Aluplast ideal 8000

New possibilities for traditional implementations

The Ideal 8000 is a new proposal from Aluplast, with a strong emphasis on the design in order to obtain windows of the highest level of heat and sound insulation, using traditional manufacture methods but at a low cost. This was possible due to:

  • Increasing the number and size of chambers, increasing mounting depth to 85mm; widening of the glazing shaft to 59mm allows the assembly of modern energy efficient and affordable systems.
  • Introduction of a central third seal, which creates the dry chambers.

The Ideal 8000, the same as all other Aluplast windows systems, is characterised by multiple variations of construction. Optimal solutions through mutual compatibility of the profiles and freedom of colour choice allow the creation of unusual designs.

Aluplast ideal 8000 Classic

Depth 85mm, 6-chamber build with 3 levels of sealing, unaligned
  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion

Aluplast ideal 8000 Round-Line

Depth 85mm, 6-chamber build with 3 levels of sealing, semi-aligned
  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion