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Aluplast ideal 7000

Traditional shapes in a new form

With an external seal and 6 chambers construction of the frame, The Ideal 7000 windows system has a depth of 80 mm and is based on a combination of proven and very well received designs. In our new solution of frame design, emphasis is on the modern Soft-line approach. The 80mm profile depth guarantees much higher thermal and acoustic insulation. Due to its solid profile, choosing the Ideal 7000 windows, you need not compromise technically. With a choice of color, shapes and additional elements this system allows levels of internal design which are original and individual. The Ideal 7000 windows system is the second best selling glazing product in Poland and Germany 2nd only to the Ideal 4000 windows system.

Aluplast ideal 7000 Classic

Depth 80mm, 6-chamber build, unaligned
  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion

Aluplast ideal 7000 Round-Line

Depth 80mm, 6-chamber build, semi aligned
  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion