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Aluplast ideal 4000

The Number 1 selling system in Poland and Europe

The Ideal 4000 window 5-chamber system (6-chamber system optional with some of the profiles) has a 70mm depth and an external seal. The Ideal 4000 combines state-of-the-art window technology with the ultimate in comfort and guarantees many years of enjoyment. Strong construction of the profile with its 70mm depth and big chambers, based on steel reinforcement, guarantees optimal static strains and allow for production of windows with large dimensions. The multi-chamber build provides the highest possible thermal insulation and acoustic level reducing properties. With original and stylish designs as well as a rich choice of colours and options, the Ideal 4000 gives you an endless range of possibilities to create the windows which will reflect your taste and lifestyle.

Aluplast ideal 4000 Classic

Depth 70mm, 5-chamber build, unaligned

With classic, elegant lines, a slender profile and distinct frames this version of the Ideal 4000 Classic window system guarantees timeless elegance. This is the windows system of choice for large developments where price and practicality are vital.

  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion

Aluplast ideal 4000 Round-Line

Depth 70mm, 5-chamber build, round-line

For those looking for exceptional opportunities to create their own windows Aluplast introduced the Ideal 4000 Round-Line profile. Combining delicate style and rounded lines these windows have very attractive appearance and blend in perfectly with modern building design. Thanks to this, the Ideal 4000 Round-Line profile windows are the most popular within individual homeowners.

  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion

Aluplast ideal 4000 Soft-Line

Depth 70mm, 5-chamber build, semi-aligned

The Ideal 4000 Soft Line windows offer a classic appearance with a modern note. Design for those who want a less obvious rounded frame on the outside. Sitting between classic and a round line the Ideal 4000 Soft-Line is a preferred option for international customers seeking individual styles rooted in history.

  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion