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Aluplast Dutch windows - Blockprofile NL

Tradition in a new shape

Dutch windows are based on the Aluplast Ideal 4000 Block profile NL. This system is characterized by the use of frames with a width of 120 mm and steel reinforcements. There are two versions: flat or with a characteristic external, 20 mm lip, which together with the frame create specific window sills. The second version is more frequently requested because of its ease of assembly and aesthetic properties. These are most popular in buildings made of clinker brick as there is no need for an additional mortar or brick work. Dutch windows have 3-chamber frame and 5-chamber wing construction and we can offer them in three versions:

  • Classic
  • Round-Line
  • Soft-Line

Additional elements which are distinctive for Dutch windows:

  • Cream colour obtained by colouring profile in RAL 9001
  • Different coloured framework and wings (e.g. cream frame and green wing)
  • Internal or external muntin bars or a duplex, also called Vienna bars

The Ideal 4000 Blockprofile NL system also contains profiles for creating Dutch windows and doors opening outwards.

Aluplast Dutch windows - Blockprofile NL

Depth 120mm, flat frame, classic wing

Depth 120mm, frame with 20mm lip, classic wing
  • Fixed mullion

  • Floating mullion