Muntins and glazing beads

Muntins (Georgian Bars) are the perfect complement to the window. They can be a decoration referencing the style and architecture of the interior design, as well as the crowning piece of the new window construction. Thanks to muntins, interiors can receive a special sence of atmosphere and the facades a unique character. Tontor offers a choice of inter-bars, structural muntins and glued muntins in different shapes and a wide selection of colours; from muntins painted on any RAL colour to bars covered in decorative films. Arrangement of muntins on the window requires very precise planning. It is very important to remember that size of the muntins should remain in proportion to the whole window, and it shape and type should harmonize with the style of the building.

Types of muntins:

  • Inner-bars

  • Structural

  • Glued-on

  • Vienna


Inner-bars represent an internal element of the glazing package and they are permanently fixed into the inner-frame. They can be bent into arcs or circles; or combined at different angles. They are available in a range of decorative veneers or painted on any colour from the RAL colour palette. There is also an option of ordering double coloured muntins with a different colour on the inside to the outside of the room. Inner-bars are available in the following sizes: 8mm, 18mm, 26mm and 45mm.

Structural muntins

Structural muntins are construction elements of the sash produced from the same type of material and in the same colour. Thier role is to divide the pane into smaller glass sections and increase the stiffness of the wing. Balcony bar is an example of a structural muntin.

Glued-on muntins

Glued-on muntins are manufactured from the same material as the window itself. Various shapes and colours are glued on both sides of the pane. From a distance they look neat and proper, but up close you can see the inside of the glass which is not always aesthetically pleasing. This is the reason why concurrently with glued-on muntins we mount so called blind muntins, giving the impression that the window is divided into smaller pieces of glass. That solution is called Vienna Bars. Glued-on muntins made from PVC are available in three sizes 25mm, 36mm and 45mm.

Glazing beading

Various shapes of glazing beading allow free arrangement of the inside part of the windows, offering to the customer a unique design. As standard, Tontor windows are fitted with Round-Line beading, which appears with a seal in black or grey.

Types of glazing beading:

  • Round-Line
    Single chamber glass
    With Black seal

  • Round-Line
    Two-chamber glass
    With grey seal

  • Soft-Line

  • Classic-Line