Handles and Rails

Handles for windows and patio doors

Tontor is using handles manufactured by the European market leader in this field, a German company called HOPPE. All handles made by Hoppe are cast from lightweight alloys and come with reliability guaranteed for a minimum of 100,000 cycles. There are 3 types of handles for windows and patio doors:

  • Simple handles

  • Handles with button

  • Handles with the key

Type, shape and colour of the handles can be customized to reflect individual needs of the room as well as the colour and type of the windows or doors themselves. In standard version the windows and patio doors are fitted with handles in a choice of 2 colours:

  • BL - White RAL9016
  • BR - Brown RAL 8019

To complement the range we offer 4 additional colours:

  • F1 - Silver
  • F3 - Gold
  • F4 - Antique Gold
  • F9 - Steel

The flagship product of the HOPPE Company is the Secustic ® handle, with its distinctive click sound when twisted. These handles, for the first time, are fitted with handle turn locking mechanism that prevents break-ins from the outside by moving the locking element of the window. Secustic ® handles give a sense of security with each click.

In addition to the basic patio door handles, in many shapes and colours, we also offer handles that have a special purpose. These include:

Conductor Handle with plinth which prevents opening the window by any unauthorized persons. The window is mounted with a plinth with a sliding lid, in place of the handle, that covers the hole. Opening the window is possible only by using a special handle with an uncovered stem. This solution is used in places such as schools, hospitals, kindergartens and in the hallways and stairwells of public buildings. This type of handle is available only in white and brown.

HKS handles are designed for PSK slide and tilt patio doors. Its main purpose is to slide or half open doors of a significant size and weight. Therefore, this handle is of extremely robust construction and about 30% longer than a standard handle. It’s available as a simple handle or with a key, in the following choice of colours: white, black, F1 (silver), F4 (antique gold) and F9 (steel).

HS Handles are designed for the HST lift and slide patio doors. Its main purpose is to lift and slide doors of a significant size and weight. Therefore, this handle type is of extremely robust construction and it has the largest length of all our handles. It is available in one-sided or double-sided versions with a lock and comes in a choice of three colours: white, brown and F1(silver).

Front door handles, rails and rods

Tontor's front doors are equipped only with handles, handrails and rods manufactured by reputable suppliers. These products are of a very high quality and guarantee reliability as well as long term satisfaction. They are made of a light alloy and stainless steel in a wide selection of styles and colours. Sample solutions include:

Double sided door handle: type handle-handle

  • Basic handle
    with rectangular banner

  • Handle with oval banner

  • Antiburglary handle

  • Roller shutter handle

Double sided door handle: type handle-pusher

  • Door handle with
    unilateral knob type pusher

  • Door handle with
    unilateral C type pusher

  • Door handle with
    unilateral knob type pusher, antiburglary

Handles and rails

  • C-type handrail

  • Rounded handrail

  • Triangular handrail

  • Bar type handrail
    Available in different lengths