Front doors

Front doors are the signature of a home. They reflect both the nature of the home and the people living in it. For many years now Tontor has manufactured front doors based on either individual projects or ready-made sections, from classic shapes to the ultra-modern solutions in a choice of colours. Thanks to the multi-chamber construction and thresholds with thermal dividers our doors have excellent thermal and acoustic insulation parameters. The high stability of the wings is achieved by reinforcement for large dimensions and the use of metal angle fasteners and welded PVC inside angle corners. The low threshold of the door, which is only 20mm, meets the requirements for architectural barrier-free buildings and allows for smooth entry and exit. In addition, a wide sill at the base of the wing provides perfect drainage and the movable lower gasket forms a seal with the threshold. The doors are installed with a 2-hook drive gear and a patented lock which means that even in standard version our doors are secure and provide excellent antiburgalry protection. Optionally adding additional antiburglary hardware, P4 class glazing, door handles with banners, anti-theft cylinder and professional assembly, doors like this become an impassable obstacle for thieves.

Types of front doors depending on the mounting depths:

  • Ideal 4000
    Depth 70mm, standard

  • Ideal 7000
    Depth 85mm, new

Types of front doors depending on threshold:

  • With threshold, 20mm

  • Without threshold

Types of front doors depending on opening direction:

  • Open inwards

  • Open outwards

Additional equipment for front door


The door-closer is a very important part of an external doors’ equipment as it allows for a controlled closing. The door-closer is chosen depending on its environment. Door-closers, depending on the type, can be fitted with:

  • Speed and force control feature,
  • Suppression control, particularly important with outwards opening doors,
  • Thermal valves which will allow for consistant operation at variable temperatures.
  • Opening lock arm, which will allow you to block the wing in a desired position.

Mechanical lock

A mechanical lock is fitted to the latch door with a double sided rail, which helps keep the door in a closed position.

Electromagnetic lock

An indispensable element of any external door with an intercom is the electromagnetic lock, which locks the door until released by their remote release switch. Some models also have a mechanical lever that releases the lock when switched and then the door can be open by a light push.

Floor mounted door stop

Floor mounted door stop locks the door in the open position. Locking and unlocking can be achieved with a foot without any bending down.

Anti-panic mechanism

Building regulations clearly specify that any escape routes ("horizontal or vertical general public access") in public buildings should be fitted with the outwards opening door which will feature an anti-panic mechanism. Such doors open automatically under pressure. This solution is designed to enable the fast and efficient evacuation of people in the event of any danger that may occur inside the facility. The Anti-panic mechanism is built in such a way that anybody be they an adult, senior citizen, person with a disability or even a child - can easily open the door by pressing on a special horizontal lever. This lever should be no higher than 100cm from the floor level and is available in one-point or three-point locking systems. Available in two colours: black or silver with a horizontal lever which is usually red.