Fittings - Types of fittings

Tontor assembles its windows and doors using reputable fittings from the German company Winkhaus. Features of the windows are decided by the type of fittings located between the sash and the window frame. Standard hardware fittings allow opening, tilting and closing the wing but comfort of these actions depends on additional features. ActivPilot is an innovative fitting system that is new to the market. It offers a numbers of features enhancing comfort, convenience and safety. Obtained certificates provide assurance of both high quality and durability and the modern design gives the windows an attractive appearance.

Anti-burglar fitting in class WK1 and WK2

Windows with enhanced resistance to burglary are classified according to the European Standard PN-EN 1627:2011. This norm specifies the time frame a window must resist a forced opening. It is dependant on the following: fitting method, expertise of the thief, their strength and which toolkit is used in the process. Depending on these results this norm divides windows into one of six classes it does so without providing any specifics. We are able to talk about a window having an enhamced resistance to burglary when the following conditions are met:

  • The window has certified anti-burglary fittings with a multi-point security system (a security point is an anti-burglary latch mounted to the frame which works in conjuction with a mushroom shaped stem fitted into the wing. Fitting in the class WK1 have 4 security points whereas WK2 class fittings will have at least 7 security points)
  • It is made from steel reinforced PVC profile
  • It has anti-burglary glass fitted
  • It has a door handle with a key
  • It is properly installed by a team of authorized technicians

Completely invisible fittings - hidden hinges

ActivPilot Select Hidden Hinges are the perfect option for those who appreciate innovative and elegant solutions. All components of the fitting are hidden in the gap between the sash and the frame. All functionalityremains and any optional equipment is unchanged yet the final appearance is dramatically altered. Internally the traditional visible hinges are gone; this fitting is completely invisible whilst the window is closed. This solution is protected by patents. Stability and exceptional durability allow this fitting to be adapted for use with heavy windows with sash weights up to 150 kg and up to 3 square meters of total surface area, which is important in today's modern architecture.

Windows that are child safe

The activPilot Tilt First inverse function for opening the window ensures the safety of your youngest members of the household. ActivPilot Tilt First system is intended primarily for children's rooms, nurseries and schools. When you turn the handle to the horizontal position (1) the fitting mechanism allows you to tilt a window, but you cannot open it. Window can only be opened whilst the handle is turned to the vertical position (2) to achieve this you use a specially provided key. This solution guarantees safety, while allowing ventilation of the room in the tilt open position. When it becomes necessary some time in the future to change the usage of the room, all that needs to be done is to remove the protection fittings.

French windows with central door handle on floating mullion

The easyPilot Soleil fitting is characteristically for the French market with a floating mullion and the handle located in the centre of it. This solution is perfect for small French windows; floating mullion width can be reduced allowing more light into the room and giving the aesthetic appearance of a traditional looking window.

  • Standard location of the handle

  • Central location of the handle

Windows with lower handle

In recent years, more and more people are starting to talk about the necessity for adaptations to buildings so that they meet the needs of disabled people. The activPilot Ergo windows with the handle mounted on the base of the wing will allow easy access for people using wheelchairs. Sometimes window access can be restrictive even for an able bodied person - such as in stairwells or bathrooms, in cases like this the activPilot Ergo solution may also be very helpful. There are some limits; sash weight can not exceed 80kg or maximum surface area not exceeding 1.5 square meters.

Comfort window - safe and healthy ventilation

The activPilot Comfort PADK fitting offers very effective ventilation due to a 6mm gap formed between the sash and the frame on the circumference of the window. It provides a constant flow of fresh air and aids a healthy climate inside the room. During the winter months’ airing via ventilation slots does not cause any cooling of the room and energy losses are much smaller than with a half open window. This new implmentation of slot ventilation eliminates all drafts, the risk of window or doors slamming shut, better protection from the rain and is provides a better noise reduction than a half open window would. ActivPilot Comfort PADK is especially recommended for bathrooms, kitchens or bedrooms where high moisture levels are found and constant ventilation is advised.

  • Closed / Half-Open / Ventilation Slot / Open

Fitting for tilt and slide patio doors PSK

DuoPort SK, based on activPilot, is the latest tilt-slide fitting from Winkhaus. It allows tilt and slide windows construction of up to 2.7m wing height, 2m width and a staggering 200kg weight limit. Main characteristic of this fitting is the huge (biggest on the current market) 125mm retraction. It can be used in multi-chamber profiles with high levels of thermal insulation. This is very important in the case of large glazing where energy losses can be significant. This fitting is available in two versions: duoPort SK-S manual and the duoPort SK-Z automatic with control in the handle. This additional feature makes it easy to open and close even very heavy wings. Characteristic features of duoPort SK fitting is the smooth operation, the wing moves without any problems or difficulties and are extremely quiet, and the number one priority of all Winkhaus designers, safety.