Enlargements and other profiles


Enlargements are selection of profiles which can be easily connected with the windows sash in order to obtain the desired measurements of the complete frame. In some cases they are also used to alter the depth of the window to fit the dimensions of the building it will be fitted into. The common places of installing enlargements are:

Enlargement under the frame
  • Enlargements mounted under the window frame, patio door with a low threshold or front door, are mainly a thermal divider, splitting balcony or terrace from internal floor space. Additionally acts as an element which increase stability of the threshold (especially low thresholds).

Enlargement to the side of the frame
  • Enlargements mounted to the side of the frame most often occur when replacing old wooden, box like windows, due to the wide side reveal.

Enlargement above the frame
  • Enlargements above the frame can be needed in case of a wide side reveal or as an essential element when installing rollers-shutters in aluminium boxes.

Enlargement between the frameworks
  • Enlargements between the frameworks as a part of a cover up, for example to mask a partition wall between the rooms.

Enlargement size

Enlargement are available in three widths 70mm, 80mm and 85mm and in four different heights: 15mm, 35mm, 60mm and 100mm. They can be combined with steel, or not; depending on the final destination.

Additional profiles

Additions include whole selection of PVC profiles used to mask, enclose, connect or shield. The most popular additional profile is a 5-chamber under sill strip with a seal.