Colour of the profiles

Tontor is manufacturing windows in 7 different colour arrangements:

  • White stained - colour similar to RAL9016
  • External side coloured - white inside
  • Internal side coloured - white outside
  • Double sided colour - the same colour
  • Two colour double sided - Bicolour - different colour on either side
  • Cream stained - colour similar to RAL9001 - this option is possible only with some profiles of our Dutch windows
  • Triple sided colour - TriColour - inner part of the frame and sash can be also in colour - this is only possible using varnish

Tontor is using 4 different methods to achieve the desired colour:

Veneer profiles with decorative foil

To veneer our windows we use a decorative foil made by Hornschuch AG, which has a high resistance to chemicals and weather changes, it is very easy to clean and comes in an abundant choice of colours. This is the most popular and the cheapest method of achieving coloured windows. Veneer profiles are one of the two methods of obtaining an imitation wooden effect to the windows through the use of wood like structure foils.

Standard colours:

  • AP 05 Mahogany

  • AP 23 Golden Oak

  • AP 27 Walnut

  • AP 40 Anthracite grey

  • AP 60 Grey Sandy Anthracite*

  • AP 95 Newcastle oak khaki

*- Standard colour but only in some types of window systems

Custom colours:

  • AP 01 Special Oak

  • AP 02 Natural Oak

  • AP 06 Dark Oak

  • AP 11 Douglas

  • AP 15 Oregon III

  • AP 28 Walnuss terra

  • AP 29 Walnuss amaretto

  • AP 30 Dark Green

  • AP 32 Dark Red

  • AP 33 Rosewood

  • AP 34 Grey

  • AP 41 Steel Blue

  • AP 43 Green

  • AP 47 Diamond blue

  • AP 50 Cream

  • AP 52 Birch

  • AP 61 Grey Sand

  • AP 62 Basalt Sand

  • AP 63 Aluminium

  • AP 88 Quartz grey

  • AP 65 quartz grey *

  • AP 75 sheffield oak light

  • AP 79 alux db

  • AP 86 papyrus white

  • AP 88 quartz grey

  • AP 89 dark brown

  • AP 90 silk grey

  • AP 91 concrete grey

  • AP 93 sheffield oak brown

  • AP 94 sheffield oak grey

* - sanded

Varnish RAL

Traditional spray varnishing using special PVC paint in order to achieve desired colour from the RAL colour palette.

FEYRAL varnish - new

This highly advanced coating technology, developed by Swiss Company Feyco AG, allows the painting of the PVC, aluminium, steel, glass, metal and rubber components in the same colour. It offers a wide selection of colours: RAL, NCS-S, metallic, pearlescent, wood imitation, structural, scratch, eisenglimmer. Colours chosen to match a sample with different degree of brightness and dimness give customers virtually unlimited possibilities. Advantage of this method is the ability to varnish the frame and sash on three sides when imitating the wood grain.


Aluminium overlay painted in any colour from the RAL palette and applied to a white window. This method not only gives colourful windows on the outside but also maintains the effect of aluminium windows, durability and unique design.