Air vents

Air vents are part of the ventilation system, ensuring proper flow of fresh air into the room. Performing household chores such as cooking, washing or bathing generates steam, which increases the humidity in the room. As a result we get worsening hygienic conditions in the room; the room becomes stuffy, windows develop condensation, and the walls can form fungi due to repeated moist conditions. To avoid such problems Tontor offer four types of air vents: Regel-air, Ventair, Aereco and Renson. Air vents are installed one per bedroom and if this is insufficient additional vents are mounted in the living room, and possibly in the kitchen. We do not install vents in the bathroom as the external cold air stream could be unpleasant for users and would cool the room. Fresh air, necessary for a proper ventilation system, flows in through the vents (clean room) to rooms with ventilation grilles (kitchen, bathroom and toilet) which effectively ventilates’ the rooms without carrying out unpleasant odours.


Regel - air® ventilation system is only fitted in the upper area of the window. It can be fitted quickly, without milling or drilling, it can also be easily fitted in windows that are already placed. Fresh outside air is supplied into the space between the sash and the frame, once pre-heated it rises through the vent and passes into the room. There is no draft phenomenon, as the air feed is led directly from the ventilation system via the upper sash to the ceiling level where the fresh air feed mixes with the warmer room air. Air-vent flowrate at a 10Pa pressure difference is 6m³/h. Regel-air is available in white and brown and in the Basic Air Plus version for profiles with three seals.


Ventair is a pressure air vent, mounted in the upper part of the window. It uses, proven in many countries of the world, the concept of controlled ventilation, which helps ensure a healthy indoor climate with minimal energy loss. These air-vents have a self-acting flow controller (which responds to pressure differences) so that the amount of inlet air is constant, independent of the weather conditions like wind or cold. There is an additional manual adjustment, which can be used in order to close the flow. Ventair air-vent consists of two elements; the air intake port mounted on the outside and a regulator mounted on the inside of the window. These elements are connected by a gap made in the windows profile, enabling air flow. Air-vent flowrate at a 10Pa pressure difference is 24m³/h. Ventair is available in white or brown, but there is an option of any custom colour from the RAL colour palette.


Aereco is an air-ventilation system reacting to changes in humidity. It can be fitted in new or already mounted windows, in the upper part of the frame. It is automatically controlled via a sensor (polyamide tape) that analyzes the level of relative humidity and automatically optimizes the flow of air supply to each room depending on the ventilation requirements. This ensures proper ventilation without cooling the rooms. Additionally the system is equipped with a lock for minimizing air flow. The Aereco system consists of three components; the air intake port mounted on the outside, the controller mounted on the inner side of the window, and pad drivers. These elements are connected by a gap made in the windows profile, enabling air flow. Aereco air-vent flowrate at a 10Pa pressure difference is 30m³/h. The system is available in white, chestnut and grey or even oak.


Renson is an aluminium flap air ventilation system installed in the space between the glass panes, which replaces part of the glass package. Installation of this air vent system is intended for a veriaty of different glass packages and is available in the following sizes: 20mm, 24mm, 28mm, 30mm, 33mm and 36mm. Depending on the type they can be mounted above, below or between the glass packages. Operation is manual using a string pulley, tie rods or electric. The use of perforated external profile provides protection from insects, and its simple design makes it easy to keep clean. Renson is available in white and brown or made to order in any colour from the RAL colour palette in single coloured, double coloured or tricoloured version.

TC60 air-vent flowrate at a 10Pa pressure difference is 141m³/h.

THM90 air-vent flowrate at a 10Pa pressure difference is 46.5m³/h.