About us

TONTOR is a family business with over 80 years of tradition.

Ladies and gentleman

I’m pleased to welcome you to Tontor.

We are a family business, 100% based on Polish capital. Our traditions began in the 1930s when my grandfather Bernards Tontor started a bookbinding workshop on Marianska street in Kalisz.

Over the years the workshop changed its main purpose. It became a picture glazing and framing company, which are the roots of our current enterprise.

Today at the same place we have one of our field offices.

In 1985 Tontor was founded as we are seeing it today. In 1992 we began production of doors and windows joinery based on PVC profiles. In 1996 we invested in machinery with a production line to manufacture aluminium windows and doors.

We are offering solutions for private and industrial clients. Our main aim is to meet all the expectations of our customers ranging from the standard realizations to difficult and unusual projects at home or abroad.

Our product will meet your expectations for quality, aesthetics, functionality and most modern technical solutions and our prices will be to your satisfaction.

You are more than welcome to benefit from our range and experience.

Kind Regards

Tomasz Tontor
Company Owner