Tontor has been producing aluminium joinery since 1996 using profiles from well-known and reputable European companies:

Aluminium is used in the production of:

  • Windows (tilt and swing, slide, service hatch or swing), doors (casement, swing or automatic), shop-windows, facades, cash boxes, porches and conservatories
  • The aluminum profile system provides great flexibility in terms of both shape and color, which is why aluminum fittings have been routinely used in a number of retail and service establishments, public buildings, apartment buildings and by private investors.

Advantages of aluminum joinery:

  • High quality and reliability
  • Possibility of use for both individual customers (residential housing) and institutions(manufacturing plants, office buildings, shopping malls)
  • The highest standard of finishing
  • Unlimited possibilities in form design in both typical and atypical ,frame construction projects
  • Freedom of colour choice (all colors are available from the RAL colour palette as well as wood imitation)

Our paint coating characteristics are:

  • Durable consistency of the layers and good adhesive properties
  • High resistance to UV rays
  • High compatibility with alternative pigments
  • Possibility of appllicating to profiles which have a narrow or elegant shape or tri-chambers profiles with increased stiffness.

Our wide range of aluminum products include:


Aluminium doors, upon request, can be made with a thermal divider, these are ideal to use as a Front Door. We also make internal doors, without the thermal dividers. Depending on requirements, the door can be filled with any of the following glass: single, integrated, safe O2, antiburglary in class P2, P4 or P6. For intenal shading we use special reflecting glass, which can be colored or obscured.


We can offer the following aluminium windows types: casement, tilt, tilt-casement, slide, swing and service hatches. It is possible to obtain several different forms of window sash: rectangles, polygons, arcs and circles. Our windows and doors are fitted with the usual hardware: hinges, handles, locks, door closers which are manufactured by reputable companies such as GEZE, GU, WINKHAUS, CISA, Dr.Hahn, SAVIO, Sobinco.


We can offer internal walls with or without a thermal divider, partition walls or customer service areas. The use of special connectors allows mounting of the wall at 90 angle or 180 angle.


These are large scale projects where the building has a glass facade, such as car dealerships, office buildings or banks.


Conservatories have been popular in Europe for years; currently they are becoming more popular in Poland. The variety of solutions and the type of structure allows for the design and installation of conservatory according to individual preferences. Made of glass and aluminium, conservatories and porches, not only increase your home space, but also bring more light to it. Based on these systems, Tontor, manufactures both individual free-standing buildings or built onto the body of an existing building. In addition, it is possible to use aluminum profiles with thermal dividers, which gives a higher level of thermal insulation, allowing the conservatory to be used all year round. Conservatories manufacturing systems TS Aluminium and REYNAERS allow us to create complex structures in addition to the more traditional styles, such as:



These doors and walls are designed to act as an internal or external barrier to fire with a resistance class EI15 to EI60. Single wing door (max dimension of wing: 2400/1400) and double-wing (Max dimension 2400/2400). The Ponzio NT 78EI has a very low coefficient of heat transfer - through the use of special 35mm wide thermal dividers and seals.The system has two types of fire protection fillings: an innovative aluminosilicate and plasterboard.

Fire safety joinery in class E115, E130, E145 and E160 allows for production of:

  • Internal / external walls
  • Internal / external doors with the option to be smoke tight